If this picture makes sense to you, then you're at least kind of cool.
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Ha, loved that show.

The ultimate truth

Ha ha ha that's funny

Good one!


Why does it make you sad?

I am uncool. I don't get it. xD

You're still cool. This wasn't the only way to get there. But it's from the movie Beetlejuice.

I was gonna make a Beetlejuice, but it speaks for itself.

I cant see the whole pic. My dang computer is chopping the tops of all the pics here off. Dang 'ol crappy H.P. product. Or maybe it was the windows 10 upgrade, or maybe it is a conspiracy to keep us in the dark and ignorant ( not to far off with me let me tell ya), or maybe I'm and idiot who don't no nuthin 'bout computers, ...

You are so not an idiot! All of those other things may have factored into this, but not that one.

Thank young missy missy, it is good to know my 6 years in kindergarten is showing in my intellect.

But I still cant se the whole picture. what is the rest of it? Al I see is from the necks down.

Yeah, but that's for people with intelligence or at lest for people with money to pay people with intelligence to do it for them..

I'll send you the pic in a pm

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