I'm Sure

the group says the word 'doubt' but i don't think i doubt i will ever marry. infact i'm quite sure yeah! i've been sure since i was a kid(still am) but then i didn't even have the slightest clue about my sexuality. as now i know i'm gay i don't think anyone around me would support a gay marriage(supporting my sexual orientation is another thing)plus i'm not at all interested in relationships and all(honestly, i'm not a boyfriend material, i'm boring :D). anyways, i want to spend the rest of my life caring for my LOVELY mom who's done everything she could for me. I LOVE MY MOM. and well later on when i have more to give then i might adopt some kids i mean i will, cute :* ones! and i'll hope i am everything to them(my mom and my kids).
well i also want to share this, umm..once i visited youtube on how a single gay dad should perform his responsibility towards his children well then i got caught up with a gay couple who actually shared their lifestyle with the viewers. i watched most of their videos, it was inspiring and sweet :). well seeing their videos my attachement to them seem to grow and i felt connected to them.. later when i saw a video of their marriage i was like,"most beautiful thing ever". my desire to get married rose. so...maybe... in the future 'if' i find the right person i would definitely marry. ;)
and seriously, i don't wanna marry but you never know.. and that is why "i doubt i will ever marry"
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very sweet story :)

thank you :)

do take care of your mom :)

i sure will :)