Out of Sight...

In society today, people have so many concerns of their own and distractions, it is very unlikely that I am thought of by them.  Usually, I am only contacted in order to be used for something such as to make up numbers or for advice on some matter albeit romance, legal or otherwise. 

I do not regret this, I merely ask why should I expect to be thought about?  I know that we all want to be, but I am a pretty average person; i go about life in a full-time job, I study, occasionally go out, save and travel and  write and read; all in all, why would i warrant to be thought about?  Yet I know the answer, as humans we all crave the idea that someone thinks of us, that we are unique and that we matter. 

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2 Responses Jun 13, 2008

As a scientist, I've suffered from that affliction as well. :-)

Consider yourself thought of once again.<br />
<br />
And I must ask, is making up numbers a worthwhile career? I myself made up 42 once, only to learn that Douglas Adams, and many others, had beaten me to it.