I'm just Feeling Depressed For No Reason

I just wish I was a better person in every way. Better at making others smile or laugh when they are down. Wish I had a better job, Better car, bigger house, better friends, more money. lol

I just feel I have so much more to offer than I seem to be able to give. Seems the only time I smile anymore is when I'm making someone else smile.

If I am alone "and I often am" I seldom smile at all. I guess I feel through others. I know that sounds crazy, but If your sad, I'm sad. If I can make you feel better, then I'll feel better. You smile, I smile. But when I am alone all emotions are on stand still except for this down and out feeling.

I come here to do one thing. Make someone smile, And although that sounds like a nice thing to do, It is really selfish of me because the real reason may just be that I want to make someone smile so I can smile again. 

BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia
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8 Responses Oct 9, 2007

*smiling*<br />
This was posted over a year ago.<br />
Thanks juliet. I needed a smile.

You got to get your happiness someway. And if it takes you making some1 happy to be happy, what is wrong with that? Sounds to me like a good thing. Feeding on some1 elses happiness isn't such a negative. You seem to be contributing at the same time. Who cares where your getting your happiness from. You're not hurting anybody. Smile for me ok.

TY 66 That a nice comment. <br />
I am already past the blues for now anyway,. The Holidays will find a way to bring me down again I'm sure but I always smile when I get nice comments. : ) TY Take care.

Hello Mr Cowboy - Australia calling....<br />
You certainly made me smile this evening sir... I hope your gloomy stage will soon be over. We all feel down now and again and there's nothing wrong with that - we need the rain to appreciate the sunshine. <br />
I know what you mean by feeling good only when others are too - I only feel truly happy when I'm being helpful. I once read that how happy you are is linked to how helpful you are and that stuck in my brain and now the 2 are set in concrete. The busier I am - the happier I am... <br />
Whatever works I say.... whatever works... but if the blues lasts a little too long (and you'll know when it's past a joke) go and think aloud with someone...<br />
Take care and catch you again soon...

Thanks for laying it out for me mello. If I look at it the way you explain it, it just makes life seem wonderful. : )<br />
TY and your wonderful too

I think we all thrive from each other..... you feed from my spirit and vice versa. That's what friends are for. Do you really think I walk around with a grin on my face all the time, doubtful! But if I take the memories of my last happy moment and hold onto it, then when I am alone I can pull that up and be happy from it. Does that mean I'm using you (or anyone else) as well? If so then I'm guessing we all use one another and that's ok.

Why so blue georgia?

you jsut got to want change,i was where u were and its all if u want to change the way u feel or your life,it all comes down to you and having determination,enjoy it and accept the challenge head on!:)