I Just Discovered Dr. White's Pads With A Belt

I wore Kotex pads with the little elastic sanitary belt for years until they were no longer available. I am so happy to have found Dr. White's. I can't wait to get them through eBay.
CarolMoore CarolMoore
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Good to know Carol !!

Good to hear you are trying them. I went through quite a few towels before I discovered that my belt has a defect. The clasp in the front is reversed from the one in the back. In order to use the belt i have to twist it on each side so the tabs for the towel loops are both pointed down. Not a big deal but it would be nice if I didn't have the twist.

Just the towels without the belts , I like wanking with them more than the wearing.

Oh I see. How many wanks do you do in a towel? I prefer the look and feel of them in my panties.

Wanking with a sanitary towel belated or looped is superior to wanking just with a sanitary pad . So depends on how horny I am.
I love being able to feel the pad in the panties through clothes or under dress or skirt.

Correction Belted towel!

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I finally got around to ordering my Dr. White's and the little belt. I just love them.
Instead of the gauze ends of the old Kotex pads, the Dr. White towels have little string loops. The loops fit into the clasps on the front and back of the belt to hold it in place. They work very well except i can't adjust the placement of the towel between my legs as well as I could with the Kotex pad. But i still love the feeling. I recommend them highly.

Can you get Dr White's pads in the US?

i have not been able to find them in the US. Bought all i have thru Ebay. Others give links to buy then direct below. www.lil-lets.co.uk I have not tried it. I use them for the feel of them. One towel lasts a long time for me. I have one that I put a little ketchup on for a more realistic look. Once when a guy took down my panties and unhooked it in the front and it fell away he was really surprised. Quite humorous.

shops still sell them. try branches of day lewis chemists lloyds chemists various independent ones and boots the chemist

Hi, not sure where you live, but you can buy them direct from Lil-lets who are the brand behind Dr Whites Belts & Towels and they are cheaper than Ebay!
look under products and they are listed

you will love them i'm sure