Absinthion Polski

Having read too much on the "Green Faery", it was a dream of me to drink real, vintage Absinthe before Absinthe reemerged into the world of booze. 

It was pathetic that so far I've been able to drink Absinthion Polski, the only brand currently sold in my country.

The first time I tried I could not stop myself and indulged in 4 goblets, the first one with the famous burning sugar and the rest neat.

I did not meet the faery neither the ghost of Baudelaire or Hemingway but it was stronger than many other drinks I've experienced so far.

I am truly curious to learn what kind of ecstasy the "more real", Wormwoord-intense Absinthe would put me in so

I am thinking of ordering a bottle from Czech Republic or Germany (or better, a glass of vintage Absinthe at the price of a bottle of "new" Absinthe).


bloodmeridian bloodmeridian
Mar 4, 2010