Senior Year

catholic school..i had to attend "day of ..something or other"....required for graduatation. My best friend and I had been drinking vodka for breakfast. we were in school at 8am...and we were hammered and laughing and carrying on of the sisters told us if we didnt behave ourselves and do our reflecting & soul searching stuff she would remove us and we wouldnt graduate. i dont remember anything else of that day.

i remember making peppermint patties during football games...thinking that the jocks that they were cool..most were fake and here i was drank...never puked in public or at a party thank god. always at home...or with my best friend holding my hair.

I also remember junior year of high school 1983 driving around in my buick 225 with my friends (instead of being at mass) had a gallon of OJ and vodka..drinking straight from the plastic container....damn..thank heaven i never killed anyone or myself.
WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
41-45, F
Jul 22, 2010