Me Too...

When I was younger I'd always steal sips of beer from my dad's can. Or I knew about the bottle of dry gin my Granddad kept in his fridge out in the garage -- to this day I can't stand the taste of Dry gin -yuck-. The last time before I was 21 was at this party my boyfriend and I went to, I had Jack daniels, Ice House beer, Capt Morgans. I took my time drinking them and didn't drink alot so I was tipsy - but my boyfriend was worse - he just got completey ****-faced and was hitting on the women at the party - it was so embarrasing. Our friends wanted me to take him home because he was starting to get into a fight with his friend - so I did - never driving over 30 miles an hour (speed limit was 45). That was the first and last time I drove while tipsy (what can I say? I was stupid and naive @ 17). Before I would let him out of the car I made him drink black coffee - (like that would work).  And he told me it wouldn't work - then I watched him stumble across his front lawn and go into his house. I went home
SukYoung SukYoung
26-30, F
Aug 1, 2010