For A Moment I Forgot

I am starting again the drinking. i began when i was just 14 years old. Depression was getting me yet i would not let anyone see me sad, Messed up whenever i was with my now ex boyfriend we would drink, Him who knows why me to just forget the hurt. Even he did not know the cause of my depression him thinking i was a happy little spoiled girl, yet he didnt know at the age of 14 i would spend my weekends alone with my father while my mom and sister went out clubbing your tooo young they say. But their was my younger cuz going out with them. god i envied her she had everything i wanted in life, My mother and sister to love her. Their attention while i was stuck in the house trying to do homework at 2 in the morning. while my dad sleeping finally. I cried and drank i finally stopped after 5 years it began again the drinking yet the depression never left. It gives me a time where i do not worry about the fighting the disapointments i have caused my family the fights with the boyfriend me missing my ex. Wanting closure on that they loved me at one time just for a moment i forgot the lonliness
ConfusedGirl101xxx ConfusedGirl101xxx
18-21, F
May 5, 2012