Kinda Early Age....

Well I’m from Peru and the legal drinking age there is 18. Of course I got wasted before that.

I did use to drink a lil bit usually coke mix with black beer (kinda Malta but is alcoholic << I don’t even know if Malta is not alcoholic>>) with my grandparents. Only on special occasions like a holiday or something like that.  Also if I had a sore throat my grandma gave me canha that is like scotch or something really strong with lime (to cure me, she said. I just remember passing out really quick) I got totally wasted when I was 15 years old, then at 17 I moved here. But I was able to drink with my parents or friends; I’m a girl so getting a drink in a club is so easy. When I turned 21 I was done with drinking, now I only have a couple of drinks to have a lil fun but will never drink so much to get wasted again.
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love drinking alcohol..............

Nope....<br />
what is about?

Did you ever see the movie "Powder"?