Beer + Weed = Toilet Hugger

I was hanging out with a couple friends early in the evening. We were smoking weed and hanging out. They were doing Coke (which I do not do) in the kitchen so I just hung out in the livingroom. Once it got to be around ten we went scross the street over to my other friend's house. There was a small thing going on over there, so we took some beer.

That was the first time I really drank beer. I can't recall what kind of beer it was, but it didn't taste all that good. My friend Jojo had given me a beer and told me to drink a little. I was high and didn't really care so I told myself "Why not?", though I ended up drinking quite a few.

Lucky for me, I only lived a building over so I didn't have to go far. I got home alright, which suprises me. The combination of beer and weed in my system made me kinda sick. I went in, trying to be quiet, and ending up laying in the other room on the floor. I was only there about ten minutes before my stomach got the best of me.

I ended up hugging the toilet that night. It didn't take me long to make my way back to my place on the floor. Though that night I was deffinatly not happy about getting sick. I've never liked getting sick, at all. Thank God I didn't wake up with a major hang over the next morning, cause my roomates are kinda loud.

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i have smoked weed and drank beer befor i was 18 too.I think most people have

Hmm... For some reason it won't let me see your profile either. Strange.

I thought the point of this was to share your stories. Not to get judged by some "Person" who doesn't even know me. How bout you take a long hard look at yourself before you go pointing fingers at someone else.

At your age, you should be ashamed of YOURSELF!!