I Was 17

I graduated high school when I was 17 and after that I became the biggest party girl. I also had 2 full time jobs I would work from 6 30 am to 10pm Mon thru Fri. On the weekends I would party it up. I drank so much a bunch of my friends and I would always go to Millerton Lake and party more up there. It was always so much fun. Of course we would camp there also, none of us were sober to drive back down to the valley. I remember once we were on Blackstone cruising I was only 17, my first car was a 2000 Acura Integra 2 dr moon roof, I loved that car. It was perfect for me. I was so drunk that I flashed a cop ya ya I know. We got pulled over but no ticket because he enjoyed it so much and went after a car full of guys lol. It scared me so much though, my friend was driving my car it was all luck though. That day I don't ever think I'll forget and my husband laughs about it and teases me so much about that night. :) I love it only from him though.

GreenEyedBeauty GreenEyedBeauty
22-25, F
Oct 22, 2009