Jusht Thish Bittle Lottle!

I never was one to drink a whole lot..  My parents didn't mind once I got to a certain age if I had a glass of wine or a beer or something.  I guess being raised like this, drinking wasn't such a big deal to me and I wasn't inclined to do it much.  They always told me that they would rather I not drink other than at home but if I did NOT to drive home because they would rather I stayed somewhere else than drove home drunk.  Since I NEVER wanted to have to make that call I just didn't really drink much.  I think before I turned 21 I was buzzed maybe 3 times, and never really drunk... this includes with my parents at home.  Nonetheless,  I did drink before 21...  not much, but then again, I don't drink much now either..

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
31-35, M
Dec 31, 2009