Sex Drugs And Pepperment Snops

The first real girlfriend i ever had was a little wild. And pretty much everyone after that. And she is the reason i will never drink peppermint snaps again. I was 17 and she was 15 and appetite for booze sex and drugs were equal. One sunny afternoon we got up smoked some pot and ate some breakfast had sex and went out into a beautiful sunny mountain town. In my home town of 8000 people there wasn't really much to do but drink do drugs or have a lot of sex. So proceeded to ask one of the town drunks of the name of Ivan to go and get me a bottle of something anything. I promised like always to give him some. Because if you didn't the next time he might **** on you. It happened to a few of my friends and so i never made the mistake. He came out of the circle k (the only one in town) sporting a bottle of peppermint snaps. He must have been in the mood for smelling good for the first time in his life.So me and my teenage girlfriend and oh yea Ivan proceeded to get waisted on the side of the hill right in front of the circle k. We decide to walk up the mountain to a buddies of mine because at this point we need to smoke a joint. we get to his house after a really long walk up a mountain drunk. We get there slam a beer we find in his fridge knock on his bedroom door to ask if he wants to smoke a joint. Him and another friend of mine is there and they both smile, as if saying "do you really have to ask?" So me and my girl friend are hi wasted and starting to get really bored, and when your young and horny and bored what else is there to do? So we sneak away to his parents room and start making out really hard and very clumsy. Before you know it I'm taking her cloths off and shes grabbing at the button's of my jeans.Well i guess we were making a little more noise then we thought and my two friends rushed in one with a camera taking picture and the other a staple gun shooting us with staples. They left the room we had mow sex got dressed and went on with are day... later that week i dropped the bottle and got it all over my only pair of shoes. I smelled like Peppermint for 3 moths, and i never drank peppermint snaps again.........

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And you never drank it again. <br />
<br />
I just thought i'd repeat that.

3 months peppermint!