not 21 yet, still drinking!

who doesn't? kids are gonna drink. hte first time i ever got drunk, i was 14. i had 2 friends over and one of them invited someone named...ill call him joey. Joey showed up and he had alcohol so I poured my glass full and drank and drank then my grampa came in so joey hid in the closet and after he made sure everything was alright, well, everything was alright. we went outside and i layed in the grasss because grass feels great when you're drunk....


i dont know what happened, i got in a bad mood, i was crying and a friend of mine was in the bathroom with me talking me through this

meanwhile,friend and joey are getting it on and then my grandparents walked right in



hahhaha it wasn't funny at the time but now, it is, "He was hunched over like a little tree toad" haha

starnostarr starnostarr
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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

what did you drink ? how did u feel