I Started When I Was

fourteen, and it was mostly wine, and if i found any alcohol, well, that's another story.  Before the drinking age went up nation wide I use to be able to get alcohol, because I looked like I was 18, ad they didn't card me.  We, were at a choir rehearsal in a town not to far from where I am now.  We, few of us got to drinkin' and none of us were feelin' no pain, and by the time lunch was over, and we went back to class.  We all had the rythem, because the teacher, said, so.  When we, were doing spiritual songs, we had the know how, with the hands in the air, the swaying to the music, the clapping of the hands, and there moves down to a T.  perfection.

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Drinking alcohol at a early age is not cool, I just did it to feel cool I thought, but I was wrong. I did it then more as a dare. I have lost many friends to alcohol either by driving, or alcohol posioning. Then they get the idea to mix drugs with it and it becomes worse for them as well as people around them.