So I was only planning on having four drinks.... I didn't want to be drunk and I had studying to do later that night.

Obviously, that didn't happen.  I made the fatal mistake of eyeballing my drinks.  Yup.  Dumb.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  And what I thought was a rum-and-coke containing two shots really contained five... and then I had another one twenty minutes later. 

And ten drinks, for a little lady like me, is not good....  

Four hours later, when I went to bed, I was still stumbling and ridiculously drunk, having no idea how it could have happened on just four shots.  I woke up still drunk (yes!) and went to lecture, where, to my horror, I started to sober up-- and with that comes the hangover. 

Worst lecture ever... two hours of pain.  That night I was planning on going skiing with my family, which involved driving in the mountains, with all their twists and turns.  I was STILL nauseous and headache-y when I went to bed that night, twenty-eight hours after I had started drinking.
Alcohol?? Alcohol??
3 Responses Mar 20, 2006

You are lucky you didn't need dialysis. Omg. It doesn't take very much for me and I was pretty good over vacation but i indulged a bit One night. There is a reason you don't drink the night before you are going to be driving all day. I was sober that morning but nauseated and had a hard time focusing. I fought dozing off. After about an hour we had to stop ,change drivers ,and I was worthless for the day. The mountains are pretty but not after a night drinking even just a little bit

Eh, it happens, just keep in mind next time the opportunity for such a mistake arrives, and remember what you have to deal with!

Double whoops :)