Love the Wine!

Wine is the best drink of all time! its even healthy for you! i only drank way to much ounce. and be everyones surprise (sarcastically) i dont remember exactly what i drank. i remember taking a couple shots of vodka, towntinis (a bars yummy specialty shot.) and a couple of jello shots. i was fine untill my lastshot. i couldnt move. my tummy was acting up. my bf kept wanting to move around and i did to just couldnt. finally we went to his car to relax and i felt incredibly sick. i moved one inch and then blah. luckily i managed to get it out if the car. then i was ready to drink again! the best!


the wine comes in a week later. it was my first glass of wine for that night and i was allready feeling it. i felt more relaxed in the environment and very friendly. (not the bad way). i drank more and more and to my surprise (not sarcastically) i didnt get too drunk! perfect!  red wine rox my sox! 

Dreamer1387 Dreamer1387
18-21, F
Nov 8, 2006