Am I Getting His Disease?

saterday night was supposed to be a really good i was just hanging with some of my girl friends and sense i dont have many i thought it would be a really good oppertunity to get to know them and just have a good time. I love to drink and i do it all the time so i figured it was harmless and i still kind of feel like that. It was such a good night we laughed so hard and had soo much fun but there are some thins that i regret. I think i may have been a little sexual to my friends younger brother but whatever. And i also regret getting totally naked and rolling around with them but i mean everybody else did it too so whatever. But i didnt do the drugs that they did so im proud of that. And they all know that it was just in good fun. But then the unthinkable happened. I had a seizure yeah a seizure i couldnt believe it. But i cant help but think that somehow i could have prevented it . i know it sounds stupid but i think i could have like i made it happen or something. But i dont know no body will listen and nobody gets it. I really dont think that it had anything to do with the drinking because i do it all the time. My mom thinks im fine but i dont know i feel like there is something really wrong with me i keep fainting and having seizures i mean come on thats not normal. And i have a family history of it but its on my dads side and sense my parents are divorced my mom likes to block out that side of the family but i still have there blood so she needs to get over it. So then my friend had to call her parents and then they called the ambulence and they thinkim like making it up. well the ambulence people did i was like omg are u serious i mean ur watching me come on are u that dumb and then they are using like this guy in training and talking to me like im some kind of idiot god they **** me off. soo im laying there having a seizure and they put this gas mask on me with amonia in it and that had to be the scarriest thing to ever happen to me and i was like coughing and they wouldnt take it off. So anyway i got to the hospital its five in the mourning and oh god my mom and step dad are there omg i couldnt believe it.. i just had no idea what was going on. And there like yeah your totally fine u just had a seizure thats completly normal god they pissed me off sooo bad. And then this ******* doctor had to give me this huge lecture about underage drinking i mean come on havent i been through enough??!?? so then my best friends mom called and she like oh yeah this one girl brought the licor and i was like are u serious  no honey it was actually urs so everybody got in sooo much trouble and it was all my fault.. and my moms like no it was there choice to pick up that bottle.  i was like come on its the twenty first century its not really a choice anymore u just do it because u want to and ur parents are the ones that make u live in hell so they might as well shove the shot down ur throat!! So all my friends got in sooo muchtrouble and none of that would of happened if it werent for me i mean it was like the best night of my life untile then and the cops came to.. to top that all off. so my friends are never gonna talk to me again so basically i only had friends for a few hours and that was it. i just cant deal with this like everyone takes it so lightly like its no big deal. But im glad i found this sight so i can finally talk about something and have some one actaully listen to me with out any form of judgement its wonderful. Thank u all for listening and  im going to try to get over this road block in my life.




























































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Thank you for your story . Have that checked out and see what is cause them.<br />
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Seizures ARE NOT a normal part of life. How long and how often have you been having these? Cause if they started that night, then you might have actually had an allergic reaction to the liquor! Did you know you can completely NOT BE allergic to something during one use, but by the next use the body go into an intolerance of the substance. That's with anything: food, meds, alcohol, illicit drugs, shots, ect. But if the seizures have been going on longer, your mom needs to think about having you checked out, or even determine if they're seizures or something else!

How many seizures have you had before that night? I think there is a good chance that the alcohol you drank may not have had much to do with it. I had a seizure twice in my life. Once as a baby and once when I was 27 years old. It happened at work. I felt fine I was running a credit card through behind the counter of the restaurant I worked at. All of a sudden I woke up and the paramedics were putting me on a stretcher. I don't remember a thing once I passed out. Your friends should understand that you could not help it. I am sure they will speak to you again. It wasn't like you were the one that brought the alcohol to the party. We all do things when we are young I know I did. You were good in the fact that you said no to the drugs so be proud about that. You are right people shouldn't treat a seizure like its no big deal. It is a big deal and my son has had seizures too. It is a very scarey thing to see someone you love seizing!! They never figured out what caused mine for sure but I was using this stuff I bought from the GNC store to lose weight. Its called Ripped Fuel its supposed to give you energy. I was working 3 jobs and using it to help stay awake. I think this may have caused mine. This stuff was sold at a Vitamin Store so I figure it was safe. Make sure you always read labels before you take anything over the counter. A lot of stuff can cause seizures especially if you are prone to having them.