Scar Tissue

How did I not see it coming? Everything was fine then all the sudden, my boyfriend is freaking out. There's blood on our clothing and he keeps trying to talk me to go to the hospital.

So it was my spring break and I got my mom to let me spend a couple of days visiting my boyfriends family. This was the second time I got to stay. The previous time I drank some wine and everything went fine. So the second day there we drank some beer. The next days we moved to wine and then finally vodka. That perhaps was not the smartest thing to do. Hard liquor and him don't mix too well, and apparently same thing applies to me. Even thought I do consider that the weed might have added. From a prior experience I knew that I can get emotional with hard liquor but I had been able to control it.

Anyways, We drank the whole bottle, and I was ok for a couple of minutes. Next thing I know, I'm crying and going on a rampage about how he is going to leave me and how much I love him and how I will leave him  without him having a say If I think he's interested in someone else and so on. I blacked out for I don't know how long.  When I finally come out of it I'm sitting at the edge of the bed with my hand extended and my boyfriend is telling me he is sorry. My finger is wrapped in a dressing soaked with blood. All I'm doing is asking what's the big deal and telling him to calm down. It's only pink (as I saw the next morning it was red and completely soaked with blood). There was blood all over the place.

As it turns out my rampaged made him angry and he started cutting himself. Something, which made me feel like crap because he hadn't done it in ages. Since he would not stop, I decided to stop him. Now being the weird person I am, I did not try to take the knife away, instead I put  my hand over his arm as the knife came down. The cut was more than two inches long and very deep. Which is why he freaked out, he was less wasted than me. My blood is thin as it is and with the liquor in my system I was bleeding alot. But I was unaware of how bad things were.

I finally, stop fussing and let him attempt to control the bleeding. The rest of the night went pretty well. All I was concern was with him cooking me dinner (at like he had promised. I sorta help but I was so wasted that I ended laying on floor and almost killed their cat because I was fascinated by the softness and wanted to use it as a pillow. My boyfriend and me had a very good night together. ^_^

The next day as we reflected about the incident, we came to the conclusion, that at least something good came out of it. In his eyes I proved how trully I do care about him and love him. The only negative part, I went through a couple of days without being able to bend my finger while not letting anyone know about what had happened. There's a nice scar on my finger and the cut is still not healed completely. He still apologizes for that night and how he hurt me. But in the end it was my fault.  If anything that incident made our relationship stronger, just like scar tissue. However, I now try not keep everything locked inside, since that's what fueled that incident. Up to this day only 3 people know about it.
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This story sent chills up my spine. Thank you for sharing it. I'm glad there was no serious damage and that you guys became stronger together because of it. <br />
But please, be careful next time you drink. D: I don't want to read a story next time about something more tragic happening.<br />
PS: If those are your eyes, they are beautiful. :)

keeping it real priceless Thank you