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I drink too much and then I sleep around. I don't remember what happens because I black out. I'm really hung over right now plus the other day I got involved in a fight and have a concussion
Whatno Whatno
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Hi Whatno
Youre not alone, thats what happens when a woman drink to much, men sees you as a easy target and will take advantage of the situation, or is most of the time also so drunk that they also dont know what theyre doing....
Im also in the same boat than you. Always was a very prem and proper girl, married the first man that I had sex with, until I started drinking heavily soon after his death and started sleeping around when I do. In fact, all the times I slept with a man I was drunk, never slept with anyone while I was sober....and ironnically I got a reputation as 'one of those girls', and I cant even remember what happened, except waking up next to the guy....
When a guy asked me out, he was clearly suprised and dissapointed when they were with the sober me, because it was clear He was NOT going to get any action on a first date...
Today im married to a wonderful man, who forgave me my past, and we sobered up together for five years which was the most wonderful years of my life...we had a trusting, loving relationship, and was good for each other. Thats until I had a relaps and started drinking again...
Trust me its not worth it...Alcohol messes up your life, your work, your relationships..
Well, TODAY i decided to try stop drinking again. I want my life back and I want my husband to love and respect me again...God knows why he is still with me, I dont deserve him, but im going to get better and make it up to him as far as i can if that is possible, for the rest of our lives together if we make it through this
Good luck Whatno, you can also do it if you want to. Dont let your past stand in the way of a wonderful future full of possibilities, and dont let anyone drag you down again, be strong. Im not saying that your a alcoholic, only you will now if it is so and if you can cut back successfully. I cant

There is a solution

the drinking will not make the pain stop