I Have Been Drunk About 1 Handful Of Times

a few at home were the worst my mother had to keep me awake making me throw up ... I nearly choked several times and I had a liver parasite infection at the same time. I layed on her bed throwing up all night so ill. that was the worst one ever in 2000.

apart from that there were a few times I just was a little drunk and acting silly with a few friends out, but not paralyzing unconscious 

most times I go to night clubs with family or friends and just have enough to feel good and bubbly not drunk and sure my friends might help me walk or I fall asleep but I try to be on my feet and no trouble.

I think you should never drink out alone or hook up with strangers like guys looking for girls.  its not worth it. 

if you drink do it at home I suggest ! were you are safer and with family.  and drink only 1 type of drink ... never mix drinks... 

the vomiting and hang-over is worse with mixed alcohol. 

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 6, 2012