Oh God Ugh.

Saturday night's disaster: 1 5th of SoCo, 5 beers, 1 shot of tequila. On a whopper jr. Sunday morning: wake up at 8am, drink half a gallon of water and eat 3 advil, head back to bed, wake back up at 1pm. Sit around and do noooothing for the rest of the day in pain. Uuughhhghghjghghg.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2006

Omg, I so know how you feel :-(

i barfed ham in my grandma's sink from so co that my aunt gave me when i was 14...never touched the stuff again...but i love wine and beer, an occasional lemon drop or shot of tequila is ok too...sorry you felt ill. Fast food always is good after a good nite...maybe because the sodium in it makes you crave fluids which you definately need after that....giddy up!

So been there done that...