The Long Road Home

I drank too much for 15 years.  The consequences were beyond devastating.  Like any good alcoholic it stated off kinda small you know hang overs, small lies, poor decision making (ie. where are my underwear and who is he!?!)

I drank too much when I didn't want to.  I drank too much when I was upset, happy, promoted, fired, at weddings, funerals, before an exam, in the car, bus, train, airplane.  I drank too much in bars and restaurants, at home, at parties, and in the woods.  Is a trend starting to develop here?!?  I pleaded with myself, with friends, bartenders, liquor store owners, GOD to cut me off - and still I drank too much.

what started off as a solution, celebration, social lubricant or cure for loneliness turned on me and even just a few began to destroy me slowly from the inside out... more later

Libby Libby
36-40, F
Apr 18, 2007