Drinking (to Me) Means: Getting Drunk In An Unladylike Manner.

To start it off...I'm not in college, yet.  I was only 16 when I went to Taiwan for this program to "study" Chinese.  If you ask me...I went there to have fun, but I'll never own-up to it.  Two days before the end of the seven weeks program, my college friends decided to throw a party.  There was only 4 other people besides me that wasn't 21 out of 56 students.  Therefore, most of my friends were over 21.  For someone who never touched liquor before...I did pretty well because after 8 shots of this STRONG drink, I was still going full swing.  (I don't see why anyone would want to drink because the liquor that the guys gave me tasted/smelled aweful.)  Anyways, the guys that were challenging me finally gave up trying to get me drunk and called it quites.  The next night, for some reason that I still can't understand, I became drunk at only 5 shots and I had to lay on my friend "John's" bed and I refused to get off.  I want to make it clear that I never swore in my life and I don't remember doing it, but my friends said that I told "John" to f*** off and then gave him the "middle finger".  My friends were shocked because I was the nice, shy, and the cutest girl in the entire school.  My room-mate and friends finally got me to my room and told me to go to sleep.  *Sure*  I don't remember doing this either, but my room-mate said that I picked up the phone and called my ex-boyfriend (I broke up with him two nights before this because I never really liked him...I just thought it would be fun to have a boyfriend.) and told him to come to my room.  Anyways, my room-mate in the morning told me, after I had gotten over my aweful headache, that he started making out with me.  (We didn't have sex, he just started french kissing me, at least that was what my friends told me.) 

So to make a long story short, I got insanely drunk, had a hang-over for 2 days, my ex-boyfriend took advantage of me in my weak state, swore, got my first kiss ruined, and my friends won't let me forget the humiliating experience.

Moral of the story:  Don't get drunk...it's stupid.  ^-^


P.S.  I don't count him as my first kisser because I'm not sure if my friends were telling the truth or not.

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lol dont worry ive been drunk and have done more embarrissing things,im also a lightweight drunk so 2 beers and im wasted.and the first time i drank i was 16 too.