What A Night

my night started out dull this past wedensday than my fiend tara called me and asked if i wanted to go clubbin hell yeah i said it was a spur of the moment decision so i head to her frinends house on the way there she calls me and says she will get there late so i figure i could get myself into the party mood with some incredible hulk (for tose of you not familair it is hypnotiq and hennessey) keep in mind i am still driveing after two 32 oz cups w/ ice i was gone already this is the first time i met this side of her friends so any ways i go to thier hous yaeger bombs and beer were goin aroud then i get 4 bombs  and about 8 beers by this time i am the life of the party which is unusual cause i am dull and boreing and shy and not the talkitive type my name is robert but when i get some alchohol in me my alter ego robdawg comes out no crap completeley diferent person then we go to the club i hit the bar and ask for the strongest shot there everything after that was a blur apperently i had 6 more beers after that shot so says my friends the next thing i know i am asking for help from a bouncer out behind the club who was really pissed at me to help me up get your own drunk *** up he says me thinking everybody left me starts walkin 2 miles 4 falls 3 upchucks later in 30 degree weather soaked in beer an officr stops we get to talkin he pats me down for his safety then asks why im wet it smells like beer i tell him it probably was i was at a club and got thrown out and left he asks how many beers ive had at the time i never would know so i say with these exact words i hve no f*c*i*g clue then he says can you guess i say yeah probably but there is a chance that it will be wrong damn he says i could take you to a drunk take but for being so honest im gonna call u a cab do you got the money yeah i said then on the cab ride back to my car my friend calls me sayin we just left the club and got to a phone where the hell are you im in a cab on my way to your friends house to get my car ok she says and meets me there i followed her to her house cause she was drunker than me dont know how the hell i drove home what a damn night
rd1983 rd1983
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2006