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Hi everyone, I have just found this site while I was looking for alcohol support. I'm not sure if I am an alcoholic but I do like to drink, and when I do I binge, I'm not able to stop at a couple of glasses of wine, it has to be bottles.
It has caused problems within my family, my husband gets angry when I drink in the week. Just looking for some support to try and cut down drastically.
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Do you HAVE TO drink? Do you feel you can only function with alcohol in your system? Are you completely miserable when sober? I'm asking you this because when I was in AA, these were a few of the questions my councilor asked me. If you say yes to any, then there's a high chance you are an alcoholic...I started drinking when I was 17 on and off. By the time I was 28, I was drinking a 5th of Tequilia and an 18pk of Bud Ice EVERY DAY. "I" ruined everything! In MY case, it wasn't the alcohol's fault, it was MY fault for abusing the alcohol. Once I realized how tired of feeling ****** ALL THE TIME I was, I decided to get help. Sessions can help but what I believe is it ultimately comes down to is how bad the person REALLY wants to change. There is absolutely NO doubt that it is a hard change to make but, when you do decide you've had enough of waking up puking, smelling like nasty stale alcohol, stinking of alcohol sweats or regreting any horrible mistakes you would only make when drunk, you will feel a million times better physically AND mentaly. I'm 33 now and for the past 5yrs I drink a 12 pk on Friday's SOCIALY. Once a week and that's it. I NEVER said I quit drinking, I just learned to control myself better, just as YOU CAN DO!! Or better yet Stop completely! There's better things in Life than bein loaded all the time. So live it and don't make it a BLUR!! I hope this helps you on your journey to sobriety.