Hiccup!!...to Much Booze...hic!

Weekends!! Whoo Hoo...I can't even tell you how much those 2 days mean to me! And this weekend was just as eventful as the many i've had before. Last Saturday, I lost my phone while me and the buds were bashing each other over beers as to whos misearable life sucks the most. So one of these guys is out with crotches cause his great stunt of jumping on the other friends car an grabbing the windshields didn't exactly .... well work out. You're not going to stay put when a car suddenly stops..sorry. This song pops into my head..(2 drunk jackasses la la la la la la- to the song of 10 green bottles standing on the wall). I arrive home with no phone. My friends sleeps over and we splurge on back to back replays of friends.

Im awaken Sunday morning by a text from my Girl Friend who's super proud cause she changed three tyres on her Dads land rover. I suspect she got laid the night before so she's super spunked. I roll out of bed around 11, shower and go over at her house. I'm drilled and questioned about my whereabouts the previous day. I explain my lost phone. OH...she says...hey you know what...its pretty hot outside...lets go get a beer! Yeah...thats sounds great. We call up some other friends who are just as game. We sit at a bar from midday to 7pm that evening. I take my GF home. BUT guess what! My car decided that she's staying. So the battery is dead and my alternator has apparently fried it self. Oh boy...now this is fabulous. Her dad gives me a ride home along with another friend who's male! LOL.

Well, I invite Male friend in so he accepts. Dude, all I have is red wine...and there's lots of it. Like I should be totally puking after so many beers...but now im going to upgrade to red wine. We watch old music videos, triumph clips, old megadeth and metallica songs. Im buzzed so I put on my Halloween costume and prance around! Oh boy, arn't we having fun! I have totally forgotten about my phone and car. Before you know it a gallon of wine is gone. Im thinking ...wow its late...i should get some sleep...besides im drunk. OK PAL...im going to bed ....you know the way out!

SNORE...SNORE!!! I open my eyes...its rushing back...I have to go to work. I have no car! I roll over.....BUMP. HUH...there's a man in my bed! I check...Ok...all my clothes are on...all his clothes are on...yeah! I get up, all the lights are on, the back door is open. Ive got empty wine bottles and glasses on the floor and a man in my bed! Did I mention, im late for work. I feel like im in a friends episode.  I wake Mr. I was drunk to but to macho to say it. Lets just say...my day was just crazy but...hey....who's complaining!

trinitrish trinitrish
Jul 8, 2008