I Don't Need Alcohol

I used to wonder why people need alcohol. Why do people drink? I guess back then I was too young to understand that. Now I understand why, Just when you go out clubbing, alcohol gives you courage.. So you can approach people easier. Or make you loose. And you can dance like an idiot just what I use to do :). I used to have this feeling that I sometimes feel lonely. Then I pour some red wine, in a glass and I started to drink. Yes that's what I also use alcohol for. I love the feeling of, feeling tipsy. Just not over the border to ''being drunk''. The tipsiness made me even sillier, crazier than I already am. Yes, people told me weird stories that I cannot remember of. But that is just a couple times.

There was this one time, I went over the border of drinking alcohol. Oh well, maybe because I drank a lot of different stuff. Like a poisoning chemical reaction in my body. I threw up in my friends bathroom. I told myself I was okay, and even one friend came up to me and said she was really worried. I told her I was really okay. And my other friend insisted to drink a few glasses of water. And I simply listened to her. I had to cycle 15minutes and, I can't even believe I arrived home. The very next day I had a HUGE headache. That feeling, I never ever want to feel again. I think I know what my borders are. Because I've reached over the border and now I know what I can handle. Still these days I haven't drunk that much. And being tipsy isn't an option. I have to hold myself in for not drinking alcohol. Because I'm using some medicine. And alcohol affects the work of the medicine. So... I think I'm slowly forgetting how it used to feel like when someone is tipsy. But It's not like I quit forever. And I'm not drinking at every event. I don't need alcohol. It's not that necessary.
funkyshh funkyshh
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012