Yeah, It's True.

For those of you who don't know, I'm fourteen years old, which will probably make this strange. I used to make my own wine. It worked... Well. Very well. In fact, it may have worked too well. I drank it at every oppurtunity. It only took half a glass to get me out of it. Before long, it turned me into a drunkard. I drank all day, every day. I realized this from the start. Though I hadn't passed out once in my life from it, I did start to feel sick most of the time. Knowing it would pass, I risked my well being again and again. This will sound a bit melodramatic, but I finally realized enough was enough. I drank the last of my current batch and simply stopped making the stuff. It was the only solution. It really worked. The last part was a bit dramatised, though. I also ran out of grape juice.
Frito Frito
18-21, M
Jun 16, 2007