Creating My Dream

I have always loved to draw and use my pencil to tell how I feel inside. I love to use symbolism to express how I feel with out coming rate out with it. It’s hiding the truth in plain site.

 4 years ago I was living at my mother going to school and I painted a picture that caused a lot of commotion. I painted a scene with a sunset, sun hiding behind some clouds, a fence leading into the distance, an old tree with a boy hung with his hands out stretched reaching a red ball.

My mother freak out along with some of my art teachers, it was a mess. People never think about what’s being said in the painting, all they see is this boy being hung.

 My painting was not met to be read like that but instead read like, a dream was ending(sunset) and you may not see it how it is (clouds covering the sun) but you see many reasons why(rays of the sun shinning out from the clouds) there’s a new path (fence) the boys old thoughts are old and dieing(old tree) even though he knows he still wants a girl(red ball) he knows its going to kill him( being hung). It’s a love story and only after many talk in explaining that I love my life and what the painting really means did they finally let it go. Hahaha

 People for get that paintings are not just picture but stories by the artist.

 I don’t do many dramatic pictures anymore due to that situation but I love to paint with meaning.

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5 Responses Aug 9, 2007

okay, i posted some pictures of my work <br />
as i said before some of it is still pack and some i have to take a picture of but i have some of them to show of :D

yeah tibicina, i have some old ones but i have to take some pictures of my new stuff. i am all over the place with painting lately. i have many bare rooms that need some work and some rooms are not even done so whats in there today might be gone tomorrow. also most of my painting that are not working for the room are still packed.

I would love to see that painting, and some others that you do.

yeah, i love to paint, haha <br />
i like using pencil as well and most of my paintings are draw out in pencil before i paint. <br />
i also love conte, very nice

sounds like you really love to paint!<br />
<br />
i myself have never really gotten into painting, but what i have done i really enjoyed. Personally i like the classic pencil but thats just me! I have done a few drawings like that though, but know one really knows what they mean but me, cause its so hard for me to explain it in words.