Left Brain?

So I went to the bookshelf, and what did I find?

Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards, Author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Well I never. The fact that I own this book, and have not done much more with it than flick through the first couple of chapters seems somewhat ironic, although I can't quite put my finger on why, and definitely have nothing to do with the comments in the original story of this group.

At least I'm not an artist and have no aspirations to be one... ;)

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That book. Sigh. My art teacher taught us using it, and my friends and I made sarcastic comments about it all year.

Lessons? What lessons? There are lessons in Betty Edwards' books? I thought they were just a series of photos of naughty graffiti-ing neurosurgeons?

*rewinds the tapes*<br />
<br />
Hmm, no time stamps. Maybe we can calculate it from how often you bathe ;)

o.o When did those surveillance cameras appear here???

Well, you'll never know if you don't try! Besides, I saw you move the book about just the other day...

Yeah, it's so incredibly fabulous that I'll probably over-do it and end up failing... ;)

Nonsense! Just use your fabulous upper body strength!

It's impossible to do! It's like it has some protective field around it!

Pick up the damn book, Sminders!

Dammit people, what will it take for you (us) to pick up the damn book and follow the instructions? I mean really...<br />
(of course needing a kick in the arse for myself as well)

Maybe the other way?

"So I went to the bookshelf, and what did I find?"<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
Co-inkydink?<br />
I think not...

Ouh... now I'm a bit disappointed!

No, not like that.

*ponders what spices to use and how to cook it....*

Maybe they're actually meant to be *eaten*?

The only exception to your idealistic vision would be a book by Betty Edwards as it's well proved in this group, that it's impossible to really read her books! ;)

Just imagine, if we spent as much time reading the books as we did commenting and reading on the stories inspired by the books, I'm sure we'd all be at least past Chapter One! ;)

WOW ... these comments cheer me up ... the books blur my eyes ... LMAO

Yeah, I know, you're not the first one to point it out! :)

You're hopeless!!<br />
<br />
(...ly hopeful!)

There is always hope! With my luck I get so much money from that garage sale and garage that I can use them to stop world hunger and all the wars! Isn't everything simply fantastic? ;)

Pointless! Pointless! <br />
<br />
There is nooooooooo hope!<br />
<br />
Might as well just have a garage sale and even sell the garage!

Tralalaaa... Life is beautiful and wonderful and I want to squeeze everybody that crosses my path.... ;)

<br />
Never amount to more than an elite cross country skier *** gymnast!

Yeah, because that's when the stubborn optimism ( that is so characteristic to the hopeless ) kicks in as anti-reaction! :)

So better to fill up the hopeless with pessimism?

Yeah, it actually makes it worse!

Ironically, giving hope to the hopeless never helps!

I know, I'm hopeless! :)

Ever the queen of wishful thinking ;)

I sure hope so! ;)

He must have had much better concentration than you :)

Yep, in WW2.

As in someone who was involved in sending and receiving?

My grandpa' was an expert of morse-codes! :)

You have morse in the family?

No can do.... the morsing skills have skipped 2 generations!

Try using morse code by tapping your forehead against the keyboard?

*closes eyes to avoid bleeding...* and now I can't type anymore...

What about up and down? Or compass points? The latter are very important for cross country skiing...

It gives a slightly dizzy feeling, but it's not as bad as the other one... I don't even dare to write those directions here! :)

Do you do ok with forwards and backwards, at least? ;)

Don't you start spinning my head with giving 2 directions in one sentence! ;)

Better than you know left from right, at least...

You know me so well... ;)

You'd buy them too, no doubt about it.

...and people would probably come there and try to sell their own Betty Edwards' books to me...

Remember, garage sale is selling the contents, not the garage itself...

Hmmm, maybe I should arrange a garage sale....

Too late! It's the postman! And they've brought you... wait for it... the latest Betty Edwards' Dust Collector!

Me and my big mouth! Grrr!

*picks the lock*<br />
<br />
She's under the bed!

Oh nooooo!!! *vanishes under the bed* Nobody finds me from here!

*swish swish swish*<br />
<br />
*knock knock*<br />
<br />

It's not fair to pull out the ski patrol card! I'll behave, I promise! ;)

Tell that to the Ski Patrol, missy!

It's not my fault, I just pointed it out! ;)

I'm pretty sure you started it, after all who founded this group??

It seems there's some strange Betty Edwards' book -related epidemic roaming across the EP users! You never know who's the next victim! :)