I'm An Artist Looking to Sell His Paintings.

I am an Oil Painter who creates elaborate abstract landscapes. I have been looking into selling my pieces online through sevreal sites like Artsidewalk.com. They claim to be able to produce museum-quality oil paintings at affordable prices. They will then sell your paintings in their online auctions and stores. Does anyone out there have any experience with this type ofthing? Any info would be appreciated.

jaredmarggin jaredmarggin
31-35, M
1 Response May 28, 2009

Hi I'm an artist too. I have never used the site you have mentioned I'm have and am on fanartreview and fineartamerica. I have not sold anything from using these sites. I find doing shows in galleries in my city the way to sell my paintings. Also people are not interested in large ones so I tend to do smaller ones and larger ones in request.