Been Drawing For 50 Years

I decided to become an artist when I was eight years old. Eventually I learned to do portraits. After learning that, I learned abstract. Abstract was much more difficult for me to learn. I don't believe that I had talent in the beginning. It was difficult to learn to draw. I had a strong desire to learn. I began painting after I learned to draw.
When I was young I was inspired by Leonardo, Michael Angelo and Carl Bodmer. We have a Bodmer collection in my home town Museum. I discovered Picasso through Life Magazine when I was about 18 years old. I read every book I could find on Picasso when I was in my 20's. . Many of my early paintings were influenced by Picasso.
When I was about 28, I moved to Minneapolis and learned about Abstract expressionism from local artists. I learned how to paint without putting emphasis on representation. It was like throwing everything I knew out the window. I spent seven years on Minneapolis.
I never got rich or famous but I enjoyed the process and still do. I would encourage anyone who has the desire to draw with these words "Go for it."
melvinusher melvinusher
56-60, M
May 24, 2011