I made this over the weekend.

So today my little brother was sitting on the computer and I took the mouse from him and opened this pic and looked at it and said to him.
"Too pretty, isn't it?"
"I think I'm going to draw a mermaid next time".

Then he grabbed me by my collar and shook it and said "Girlygirlygirlygirlygirlygirly girl! Stop it!"

So I made up my mind. 
Draw a man.
If I can.
FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
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5 Responses Nov 22, 2011

Thankie! :P

Haha Okay accepted, your turn

"Bleh!"<br />
??<br />
<br />
Yeah right! You know this is getting old.. leibe dich selbst once in a while!!

I remember that eye, miss! don't think you can't draw awesome hair

Thanks!<br />
Yeah strands of hair are the easiest on paper, the weirdest to draw when you're using a mouse.. But if you're interested, search for anime tutorials on youtube. I do that. And I'm still not sure la<x>yers work.<br />
<br />
Little punk doesn't really mean to be mean though.