It's Not Me It's Them

Can they? Can they see that I'm hurt inside and when they insult me I die inside. And as the insults happen more and more I cut myself more and more. Am I the one who caused this is this my fault?faking my happiness does nothing but fill my head with lies. I am not happy I tell myself. What have done to me THEY are the broken glass or the sharp blade that pierces my skin. And the scares are just a reminder that I am useless. That I have no purpose in this world. Can I be fixed can I find a place in this world? I might never know but I will remain on this earth until I find out. I will not take my life but my so called friends will continue to be that broken peice of glass or that blade that pierces my skin. Cutting takes the pain away every stroke of the blade every drop of blood takes away my pain. For me dying slowly inside is the only option and cutting on the outside is the way to go.
JasmineTheDecider JasmineTheDecider
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 1, 2012

I finally stopped cutting :)

Reading this makes me sad :(

i fell the same way to you can over this people love you and do have real friends you just have to see how TALK TO ME IF YOU NEED SOME ONE TO TALK TO