I Have to For the Displays At ...

I have to for the displays at work!

I used to draw brilliantly when i was growing up but my lil sister was that lil bit better than me by my age so i let her take the limelight! I was gutted as no matter what i drew they would all say why she did it better!!!

But when i started at my nursery i realised i had to do displays!! This sacred me as i had never done full boards before and i hadnt drawn anything but lil doodles for about 5 years!!!

I have done some really good displays though! the first 2 were winnie the pooh n they all looked they had just smoked a couple of joints before fixing themselves onto the walls!!!

But the most recent one was Bob the builder! Now he was classy he did have one fat arm and one very very deformed thin arm but he was good! I also had Wendy up there! And i made a wall with different coloured bricks n that were textured so come off the card! (OCD in me) n put Pilchard n Bird on it!!!

The next one im doing is about pets n animals! I have drawn a couple of jungle scenes n 1 woodland one inrough so i have to decide what im gonna keep!

But i know it is all childish but i get really into it n think if i can do these i can do anything!!! (i cant)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 9, 2007