I Don't Draw Much Anymore But Still...

I suppose it's just fun to draw stuff right??

I used to randomly draw when I was a little kid but as I grew older I kind of stopped. I remember when my grandmother mentioned it to me one day too (wow...time flies...that was like 5 years ago??)

but yeah my drawings were basically stick figures which evolved into fat people with wings (for hands). gosh my pictures were quite a sight!

I don't draw now because I simply don't have time... :(
But somethings at school in class or on the whiteboard because we were allowed to...I start to draw and my drawing obsession from my childhood begin to unwind and I release my drawing talent...talent?? hahaha no I am terrible at it but it's fun - that's for sure!
uncertaingirl uncertaingirl
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012