Manga--not Like Others.

The way I got interested in drawing manga was very different than how most people get into it: I never watched anime or read mangas before I started drawing. I am completely backwards. I liked the manga style of art. I got interested in manga and anime BECAUSE I was drawing the style. So I never did copies, nor did I do fan art and draw other people's characters. Everything was OCs. This caused my growth to be very, very, slow. Because I was trying to copy the style, but create my own characters, I progressed about the same about in one year as a usual person would in a month. I have been drawing manga since the 2nd or 3rd grade now, and many of my friends who started later have already gotten better than me. But I am happy because the manga art style lets me fantasize and create all kinds of worlds and people when I am not happy with this one. :D
Elzalia Elzalia
13-15, F
Nov 18, 2012