I Love To Draw

    Here are a few of my drawings I am most proud of and had the most fun drawing:

    I love to draw and create art, especially still life or photo realism. Drawing is one of my escape routes. When I draw, I completely lose myself, in a world where nothing matters except for the object/picture I am observing. My mind delves into the shapes, contrasts and corrections and I often find it incredibly addictive. When I start, I can't stop. As soon as I have a pencil in my hand, the world is mine.  

    I have had no classes or knowledge of drawing, I have simply improved my skill with a little practice. I don't draw very often at all, because I am often stopped with the thought of getting started. In other words, I'm a lazy bum. :) I may attend a few art courses after high school purely for fun.  


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There so realistic.. I love them :D <3

Are you a professional?,i dabble in horror,Manga,mostly pencil sketches,stuff from inside my head,a few portraits,but you are brilliant!<br />
<br />
Wish i had the skill and patience to be that accomplished!

I second what WiltingBlossom said O_O<br />
<br />
DAMN, girl, you're really talented!

You're amazing!!

nice drawings, thanks for sharing ;)

I am really flattered by your offer, thank you! But alas, I'm not very good at drawing realistic pictures from my imagination or a description. :( Unless I put pieces together from different pictures, or something. I'm better at drawing when what I'm drawing is something I can observe. I would only be able to draw the reference pictures well, but I could try making adjustments to them to suit you. I suppose I could give it a go, but don't expect anything amazing, hehe. I wish I could draw well with my imagination. It's something I need to work on.

You are an amazing artist. I could never draw or paint myself, but I do love to write. I'm currently working on a novel and looking for someone who would be willing to draw some characters and scenes for me. If your interested. I have a ton of pictures to reference and description on everything. Anyways, again your awesome. :D

^ Thanks!! =D

you're really talented