I Don't Think The World Will End

But others might. I have a feeling a lot of stuff is going to happen that day. People will cause chaos. Kiss people they only hoped to. Steal things. Drink until they pass out. Smoke until they pass out. Possible suicides. Possible sexual abuse. Possible murders. Possible riots.
People WILL do something.

While I don't really believe the world will end, I WILL be with her the day before. I will kiss her. I will hug her. I will hold her. I will take her out anywhere she wants to go. I will do anything to make her smile and laugh; even if that means making a fool of myself, for her I would. I will make beautiful love to her and with her. I will fall asleep with her beside me in my arms.
Just in case. =)
Turbulence Turbulence
18-21, M
5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

And I see that your love is long distance too? <br />
Makes you want him more huh? =)<br />
<br />
Hehe, thanks peanlo.

Awww that's so sweet =]

I know what you mean. I want to be in his arms the whole day and lock ourselves in the bedroom. That is the most ideal way I would spend that day. Haha

*smiles shyly*<br />
Yeah, don't want to risk life ending just doing something boring/everyday

This is just cute. <3<br />
And yeah, I should do those things too... just in case. :]