I Have A Love-hate Relationship . . .

-- with my phone. I love to hear it ring! I tingle when it buzzes and a new text message pops! Ohhhh the rush of being informed, PUBLICLY, in tinkling jingle that someone out there is thinking of ME . . . wants to (figuratively) connect with ME!

If only once I answer its clarion call -- I knew what to SAY! I can chat for all of 5 minutes before one of three things happens:
1. Other obligations demand my time.
2. I develop a total brain fart and can't think of a thing to say
3. I learn from the caller on the other side, that I there is something I have to do, that I haven't done, or won't want to do.

I dunno. I'd still love it if I got texts all day . . . texts are simply lovely! :-)
Colormevibrant Colormevibrant
46-50, F
Aug 10, 2010