Oh, Brother!

Every time it rings, I cringe. Texting works much better for me because I can stop any time and there are no awkward pauses. You can just stop texting instead of saying, '"Bye" twenty times because the other person says it at the same time and doesn't hear you or they keep talking.
seehorse72 seehorse72
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 13, 2010

I feel the same way, I hate to talk on the phone my friends all know that if they want to get in touch they are most likely to get me through a text message. I was an agoraphobic for about 3 years and still have a lot of anxiety when going out in public, and I believe my issue with the phone has to do with that. I can't even call for pizza. My mom or sister makes all my appointments and pretends they are me when doing so. So many people can't understand why I would be affraid to answer the phone and I don't have a good reason I just am.