Hate It Actually.

Sono solo. I'm alone.

I think Valentine's Day is just an excuse to make all single people feel like crap and think they're lame.... And it works! All the single people are sitting alone at home thinking about how much they would love for someone to ask them to be their valentine. Or they're thinking about a bad experience.

And then all you see is couples holding hands, or the most popular girl holding a giant teddy bear from her man. Balloons shaped as hearts, chocolate boxes, cards. I think we're missing the point.

Just give it a rest! If you want to say that you love someone, show it all year instead of just one day!! And then maybe single ladies and men won't be pissed at all these stupid couples that only show their love for each other one day out of the year!

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

OMG! I couldn't agree more! My sister and I feel the same way. :D We think that Valentine's Day is SOOO over-rated.

lol, point taken. <br />
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I think I would not be so bitter about it if I had someone.lol. but since I too am solo, I hate it. It feels like everyone will notice your singleness and think poorly of you. I just want to hide on Valentines...lol.