Shot In The Dark

Well I live in the SOC Ca. area and had hopes and dreams of
a fantasy of hearing a woman say how her breasts were over full and
wishes I could help. Now I would never go up to a woman nor even post
such to say are you lactating and would love to suckle on you. Shy I guest
but then again wouldn’t want to be called a pervert of some sorts. I know the women I am

friends with when I mention such a fantasy called me crazy and weird to down right disgusting.

Which I now keep such things to myself. But I am glad I join experience and found a lot of

forums here with the say fantasies and feelings as I do. So now it’s a shot in the dark to

hear and maybe my dream of hearing such may come true.
: )
jabbawock jabbawock
46-50, M
Sep 7, 2012