A Totally Different One From What I'm Having Now.

Instead of leading a life not mine,I will be taking a course in college now that I like and chose for myself.
I will be willing to work for the road I chosen instead of struggling my *** off something not in my ability at all.
I will have a small group of close new friends,instead of feeling lost and alienated in the ones that have different interest and level (I'm the underdog) with me.
I might even be in my first relationship with a boy,having a person caring for me,feeling wanted and cherished.
I will be able to show my parents that I can do it too instead of having them carving the road they think it's for me.
I might not have the few privileges I had now,but I'm willing to trade them for a life of my own.

I'm young only once,but why I can't be myself?
I really want to run from this life.
Reality hurts real bad
ellen183 ellen183
22-25, F
Oct 15, 2010