I Dream About A Tolerable Marriage

Sometimes I just can't stand my marriage anymore and I dream about what it would be like to have a wife who truly loves me and wants to be with me, who is intelligent and has a manager level job like me, who cares about her home and shares in cleaning up and making meals...well you get the picture. I want what I thought marriage was going to be and it wasn't.

I never thought I would be on an island all by myself to pay all the bills, do all the clean up around the house, make all meals, help the kids with homework etc while my wife sits and watches tv and falls asleep every night. I want a life where I'm not exhausted anymore, where I can get a little help. I'm tired of being the one who has to do everything. That's not what life is supposed to be like.

So I dream about just saying **** it all! Going to the bank taking all our money, going to the airport, getting on a plane to France and living on the French Riviera the rest of my life, not having to do anything anymore. Maybe I would even find a nice French woman who would want me.  I'm just fed up!!!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2013

Unfortunately there is no life eraser...if so I would have tried that a long time ago. I'm not convinced though that there are plently of women out there who would want someone like me. If I were to get out of this marriage, I would be broke and there is no woman who would want a divorced, broke guy is his 50's like me.

Hawaiimama, thanks for what you have said. I wonder so many times what I did wrong to have the marriage go as bad as it has. I wish that I could find the bottom of what her problems are with me and the kids. She seems to not want to do anything or engage in the family at all. I think that I just made a bad decision on who to marry.

I'm glad to hear that you say that you think other women would want me, since I think that's what it will probably come down to. I can't see myself with her in the future. I think I deserve a second chance.

Yep, I was served divorce papers today...I was a little overwhelmed at how much untrue lanuage was in them. It was hard to read.

Sometime you just make make mistake you wish you can erase ,but hey that pass it the pass start with new objectives...get yourself another women there are plenty out there who want to help a guy like you

I hope that you are right since I think that's the way I'll have to go. I know that I'll be worried I'll choose another bad one.