Light. Warmth. Softness and peace.
I open my eyes to see a white roof, bathing in the sun's light.
I check the time from my wristwatch. It is hinting of a new morning.

I look to my right. I see someone laying beside me. I smile. I reach her with my right arm to feel her back. "Yup, she's real", I think.

Slowly I move towards her. As I attach with my chest on her back, I kiss her neck and pet her hair.

I wrap my arms around her so I could feel her softness and the happiness.

After a while she moves a bit. She then turns to lay on her back, looking at me and smiling.

"Hi", I whispered.
"Hi", she whispers back.

I land a soft kiss on her lips - the first one for today, one of the kisses among millions of others with her.

Then I place my head at her chest while petting her arm with my free arm. She starts petting my hair.


What a wonderful experience it would be...
Damaskox Damaskox
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2014