Dream About Family

Im not sure how to put it so im gonna give it my best shot.

A couple of years ago.... I had a dream about me and my grandma inside our old church...The only thing was that the church was very big.
And the strange thing  that puts this dream appart from others is that I can remember it as if it really happened. "Like a real life memory" If this makes any sense.

Any way,  So there we were walking up a stair way not any stair way...This was wide If I had to guess...probably between 4 and 5 meters.  On both the left and right sides of the stairs there were these realy tall pollished wood statues of what seemed like figures of people.  Not in detail.. very smoothe.  Just inough to resemble human profiles. 

Any way...thes figures were all the same and linesthe stairs all the way to the top. 

When we got to the top of the stair way.. there was a big white double bed.  White silk like material hanging over it  very pretty...

Here's the weird part... I looked at my grandma and handed her a 5 mm drill bit.  This drill bit had a welding spot on the part that fits into the drilling machine.  she held it in her hand and with her thumb rubbed of the welding spot..and smiled (As if she was telling me that this is not realy that big of a deal..)  

I woke up around 3:30 am with the phone ringing.  It was my step mom telling me that my grandma just died. 

How do I explain this?

Nicolaas Nicolaas
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Perhaps this was your grandma's way of letting you know that she is alright where she is now. Sending you some comfort in this dream. Life does not end when someone dies. Energy never ends but is transformed into another form of being. We are made of energy that courses through our physical bodies and the laws of physics states that energy has to go somewhere. Many of my family members have experienced what you did in this dream and we take it as a comfort and not anything to worry about.