Dream About Family

This dream was the one that made me look up these things on the Internet and see or if I'm the only one who thinks that he's going mad.

In my dream I'm like an investigator.  The dream feels like a movie scene.  I guess because its so freaking sick.  Myself and other policemen an investigators are walking down a dirt road, it looks like a Forrest.  We then enter a house.

The first thing I see on my left s the half eaten decomposing corpse of a woman.
When I say eaten i'm simply assuming this  because of the dusty cobweb covered  dirty plates around the corpse.

I thin turn to my right and look behind me.. In my dream....It felt like my heart jumped out of my chest.  There was a big pile of half burnt decomposing body parts.  Hands feet heads arms etc.....

A few days passed since the dream..I didn't think too much of it.  But then I decided to phone my dad..  One of my aunts died the Sunday night  I think they said she had cancer..  The weird part was that I told my friends about this crazy dream on Monday.

Is this another coincidence

I guess it must be.

Nicolaas Nicolaas
Jul 10, 2010